Meet Your Captain

Meet Captain J.D. Prine.  Captain indeed a son of the sea as that is where he is truly happiest, and there is a reason his peers call him “The Fish Magnet”.  Yes, he enjoys doing some fishing himself when time allows, but really what he enjoys the most is simply being at the wheel, finding the fish, and watching everyone else do the catching and enjoy the fun.  There is nothing he enjoys more than the smiles on peoples’ faces when he gets them into the non-stop action of reef fishing, and a full cooler of fish for them to show off back at the docks.

 Another aspect of fishing that J.D. enjoys (also just an excuse for him to be on the water), is simply “searching” for more fish and better fishing spots.  Quite often he can be seen heading out of the pass alone, disappearing on the distant horizon, simply on a reconnaissance mission for the purpose of finding better fishing spots to return to later with his anglers.  He has spent thousands of hours in the Gulf waters off Panama City Beach simply running grids, watching the sonar like a hawk, and marking coordinates of fishing spots when he runs across them.  And can he find them?  In a word….  Yes, hence the nickname “The Fish Magnet”.  Do not be surprised at all if he suddenly slows down and turns the boat around while cruising to and/or through the fishing grounds, that means he saw something on the sonar, worth turning around and checking it for fish.  As his peers can tell you, he has unusually good luck in that department.  And you never know, YOU might be the party with him when he stumbles across “the best fishing spot ever”.  Does he have plenty of spots already?  Oh yes, well into the thousands.

 Lastly if you are looking for a “fun” Captain J.D. is your man.  He is as easy going as they come, quite personable, and his theory is if you are laughing while you fish, well that makes the “bite” better.  Treat yourself to a great day of fishing with J.D. and you won’t regret it, nor will you forget it.

Some Testimonials

"I brought the family down to the Gulf Coast last summer just so we could go out fishing with J.D. He took us right to where the fish were biting, and we even found some dolphins to frolic with on the way in. One thing's for sure: when you go out with J.D. you are going to max your limit!! Everyone agreed it was the high point of our family vacation; the day couldn't have gone any better!"
Brian Smith - Boise, Idaho

"I have been fishing the Gulf of Mexico with JD Prine for about two years. I came up with the name “Fish Magnet” for him because it seems that he and his boat just seem to attract the fish. I often tell folks that if there was only one fish left in the Gulf, JD could find it in short order. JD is very adept at using his electronics to find fish that others just pass by. He has put me on monster grouper and snapper and, I have caught several of my “biggest fish ever” while fishing with him. Not only is he a superb fisherman, but you couldn’t ask for a nicer guy to fish with and, his sense of humor will keep you entertained while you catch the big ones. I would highly recommend JD if you want a great day of fishing in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico."
Mike Jones - Panama City Beach, FL

"If you are looking for a fun, family fishing adventure, Fish Magnet is hands down the best! I have chartered trips all over Florida and no one can compare to Captain J.D. My sons (9 and 12) and I have fished with Capt J.D. several times and he has always shown us a great time and delivered the fish. Capt J.D. was excellent with my boys, spending time teaching them fishing techniques and about the fish that we caught. At their age it's hard to keep them interested but Capt J.D. kept us on the fish and kept the boys laughing. Only problem I have now is getting the boys to go fishing if we aren't going with Capt J.D. Fish Magnet charters was the perfect setup for us. We had the boat to ourselves so there was plenty of room, and the trip was tailored to the exact kind of fishing that we wanted to do. Capt J.D. keeps his boat clean and in perfect condition. All of his equipment was also top notch and the bait was exactly what we needed. Fish Magnet provided our family with a real adventure and a cooler full of fish. Capt J.D. even sent us some video of our trip. When you drop a line out of Capt J.D.'s boat, get ready for a fight!"
Bryan Stokes - Baton Rouge, LA